Sustainable Painting Clean-up

Most paints contain chemicals which may be harmful if they find their way into the stormwater system, where they can eventually contaminate our waterways and bays. Even a little bit can harm plants and animals.

  • Never clean brushes or rinse paint containers into a street gutter or drain.
  • When you are finished working, squeeze out excess paint back into the paint tin
  • Seal the lid securely and and store the paint upside down, which creates an airproof seal around the lid. Keep excess paint for future touch-ups. This will allow you to maintain your paintwork without necessarily having to repaint.
  • Use one container of water to clean brushes and another to rinse it. Leave the first container overnight to allow paint solids to settle to the bottom of the container. After settling takes place, carefully pour the cleaner water onto a garden or grassed area. Wipe out the solids with a rag and allow to dry before disposing into the garbage.
  • Check  with your local council for your closest hazardous waste depot for recycling unwanted paint and paint tins.
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