DIY Green Painting Tips

DIY woman painter
Using paint to maintain buildings preserves and protects them, increasing their longevity. This is a sound principle of sustainability. But it has to be done in an environmentally sustainable manner.
Around a quarter of all paint bought by the DIY sector is never used, compared with just 1.5% of paint bought by trade professionals such as GreenPainters (Source: Go Green Magazine). Using a GreenPainter will save you money on materials. Using  a GreenPainter will also ensure your project is completed to a high standard, saving time and money. Last year in the UK, over-confident DIYs spent over $25 billion to have professionals rectify their mistakes. (source: Yellow Pages)
Pregnant women should avoid paint altogether, and persons with MCS or asthma should be careful about the paints they choose.

Here are some tips to help you:
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